Android Netrunner Tournament

On Saturday November 30, 2013 we will be hosting an Android Netrunner tournament starting at noon. All players will need to bring legal, sleeved decks and decklists to qualify.

Entry fee: $5.00

Format: The tournament will consist of four or five 65 minute rounds. There will be no cut to finals. Scoring will follow FFGs standard tournament rules.

Prizes: Season 3 game night kit.

Click here to pre-register.

HeroClix New Guy Night

A HeroClix new guy night will be happening on Saturday November 23, 2013 from 6:30pm – 9:30pm. Players with 4 – 10 years of experience will be on hand, providing demonstrations including a fight between Marvel’s Heroes and the mighty Galactus. There will also be other maps set up for players who wish to give them a try. The experienced players will provide walkthroughs, tutorials and Q&As as needed.

Everyone is welcome to attend but people who have never tried the game are especially encouraged to give it a try.

Anyone who attends will be entitled to choose a HeroClix figure from the selection available. There will also be a draw for a single Marvel Fear Itself 5-figure booster at the end of the evening.

Win a Mox Tournament

110213_2256[00]We will be hosting a MTG Legacy Win a Mox tournament on Saturday December 7, 2013. Registration will begin when we open at 10:00am and the tournament will begin at noon. There is a 16 player minimum to fire.

Entry fee: $30.00

Format: Legacy with a cut to top 8.

Prizes: First prize will be a Mox Emerald (MP-/HP+). Additional prizes will be in store credit which can be used to purchase anything in the store inclusive of sealed MTG products and singles (a variety of duals, fetches and other staples are available,  typically well below SCG.) Prizes scale with number of participants and are even in, even out. If participation is sufficient first place will be incrementally upgraded as high as a Mox Sapphire (LP+/LP) with second place potentially being as high as a Time Vault or Time Twister.