Dragons of Tarkir Game Day

Dragons of Tarkir Game Day events will take place on Saturday April 18 and Sunday April 19, 2015. On both those days registration will start at 1:30 pm and the tournaments will begin at 2:00 pm.

Game Day format is Standard Constructed with a cut to top 8.

The entry fee is is $8.00. Two pack per player will be added to the prize pool.

Changes to Tournament Entry Fees

There have recently been some changes to the entry fees for our Magic: The Gathering tournaments. This reflects the rising cost of booster packs since that is what’s used to determine the contribution to prize pools.

Our weekly Standard, Modern and Legacy tournaments now have an entry fee of $4.00. (Old price was $3.50.)

FNM booster drafts are now $16.00. (Old price was $14.00.) This includes three booster packs and a contribution to the prize pool.

Changes to the cost of other events, such as prereleases and game days, will be announced as each event comes up.