Blood Bowl Tournament

We will be holding a Blood Bowl tournament on the May 30-31 weekend. Details from the tournament organizer are as follows:

“The Brewhouse Bowl is a 5 game Blood Bowl tournament running Saturday and Sunday. New and interested in trying one of the best miniatures games out there or previously retired and looking to dust off your block dice…all are welcome. Please contact to pre-register or book a refresher match before the tourney.”

Here is the link to the site for full details:

Modern PPTQ

We will be running a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier (PPTQ) on Saturday June 13, 2015. Start time will be at noon.

Registration will take place up until noon on the morning of the event.

The entry fee of $25.00 is to be paid upon arrival when signing in to the event.

Format: Modern

Prizes: First place will receive entry into a Regional PTQ. Other prizes will be scaled according to attendance.

PPTQs are run at Competitive REL.