Android Netrunner Championship

Update: Due to a flood in the store the location of this event hast been moved to Renison College on the University of Waterloo campus. The address is 240 Westmount Road N., Waterloo. If you are pre-registered check your email for a notification.

We will be hosting our 2014 Android Netrunner Store Championship tournament on February 22nd @ 10am. Entry will cost $5. All deck lists must be submitted before the tournament starts and must contain only tournament legal cards (no proxies). The tournament will follow a standard swiss format with a break to finals depending on the number of players.

Click here to pre-register online.

Android Netrunner Tournament

On Saturday November 30, 2013 we will be hosting an Android Netrunner tournament starting at noon. All players will need to bring legal, sleeved decks and decklists to qualify.

Entry fee: $5.00

Format: The tournament will consist of four or five 65 minute rounds. There will be no cut to finals. Scoring will follow FFGs standard tournament rules.

Prizes: Season 3 game night kit.

Click here to pre-register.