Magic 2014 Prerelease


The pre-release for the M14 core set of MTG will be happening the weekend of July 13 & 14, 2013. As usual, we’ll be running a midnight event on Friday night followed by two more events on Saturday and Sunday evening.

Registration for all three events is now open. You can register in person at the store or by phone at 519-804-0468. Registration will not be accepted through social media.

The entry fee of $30.00 will include the cost of six pack plus a contribution to the prize pool. Exact prize support will depend on the number of participants.


Pre-release #1

  • Date: Friday July 12/Saturday July 13
  • Time: Sign-in at 11:30pm (arriving early is strongly encouraged)
  • Format: Sealed
  • Entry Fee: $30.00

Pre-release #2

  • Date: Saturday July 13
  • Time: Sign-in at 5:30pm
  • Format: Sealed
  • Entry Fee: $30.00

Pre-release #3

  • Date: Sunday July 14
  • Time: Sign-in at 5:30pm
  • Format: Sealed
  • Entry Fee: $30.00

Free RPG Day 2013

Date: Saturday June 15, 2013

Free RPG Day is an event designed to bring¬†new and exclusive¬†RPG quickstart rules and adventure modules into the hands of gamers. Publishers have donated all kinds of awesome stuff that we’ll be giving away while supplies last. Drop in anytime on Saturday June 15 and collect you role playing goodies.


Modern Masters Drafts

Modern Masters

Starting on Saturday June 8, 2013 we will be holding Modern Masters booster drafts every Saturday at 2:00pm and every Tuesday at 6:00pm. These events will continue until we exhaust our supply of Modern Masters packs.

Registration will be open only on the day of each event. You may register at anytime during the day but there will be no pre-registration.

Each draft will have a limit of 32 players.

The entry fee will be $35.00 per person. This price includes three packs of Modern Masters for the draft and a contribution to the prize pool.

Please Note: In the interest of minimizing chaos and starting on schedule we will not be trading cards during the sign-in period for these drafts. Trading on Tuesdays will be cut off at 5:00pm and there will be no trading on Saturdays. If you are hoping to trade cards for entry into a Modern Masters draft you must complete the trade well in advance. Store credit can be held on file until you use it.

Update: The last MM draft will take place on Tuesday July 9, 2013. The following weekend we’ll be holding the M14 pre-release.